Rain, Rain, Rain

This has been the most rain we have ever seen.  The good thing is, the lakes have filled back up.  The bad thing is, trees have been falling, bridges and roads have been washed out and flash flooding is happening more and more.  People’s gardens have been so overwatered that the plants are actually rotting in the ground.  Here is a picture of a bridge right down the street from us that has collapsed.

bridge 1While you are out and about enjoying the beautiful area that God has given us, just be safe and aware of your surroundings. 



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Hi Everyone.  Well, it’s been almost a year since I’ve posted anything on here, so I think it is about time to start back up again.  As you probably saw in my last “post”, I had a bad accident at one of our beautiful waterfalls last May when our friend, Lenora, was visiting from Florida.  It was such an odd thing.  One minute I was standing there taking a picture of her in front of the waterfall and the next minute I was lying on the ground in excruciating pain.  I had apparently stepped on a slick spot on the rock and fell and literally shattered my right hip.  After almost a year, I am finally able to walk again with the use of my cane.  On Monday night, we went to a local “jam” in our area at the homestead of Mr. Perry, also known in these parts as Robert “Mountain Man” Perry.  They meet every Monday evening from about 7 – 11 and on the 3rd Monday of the month, everyone brings a covered dish to share and enjoy the wonderful fellowship.  Mr. Perry is quite the icon in this area and his family roots go way back.  He lives in a 150 year old farmhouse on over 100 acres in the mountains out in the country.  He has been busy the last few years building his little western town “PERRYVILLE” (see photos).  Here are a few links on articles about him, also.

Pickens Man Recalls his Family’s Moonshining Past

“Mountain Man” Perry keeps Traditions alive at Hagood Mill

I’m Still Around

Hi Everyone.  I haven’t been posting much (okay, at all) lately because 3 days after my last post (on May 15th), I had the misfortune of falling and shattering my hip while visiting one of our many beautiful waterfalls.  It has been a very hard road to recovery.

After being in the hospital for several days, I was transferred to a Nursing Home Rehabilitation Center in Pickens where I received excellent care and met some of the nicest people.  It has now been about 8 1/2 months and I am doing pretty good.  Walking better and better with a cane every day and only using the wheelchair for longer excursions.  I will start posting our happenings again as we start getting out as Spring comes on.

Annual Farm Tour

Larry and I had a wonderful time touring Billy’s Boer Goat Meat Farm, owned by our friend, Gaylene Carson and her husband.  The weather was perfect and Gaylene gave an excellent tour, explaining the various aspects of a self sustaining farm.  We got to view the barn and the areas where the momma goats give birth, the raised garden beds, herb gardens and the bee hives.   Gaylene had a “viewer’s box” set up where you could actually see the hives and the bees doing their “thing”.  It was quite interesting.  Gaylene’s son, Billy (the namesake for the Farm) also provided some excellent information throughout the tour and gave a great demonstration on vermicomposting (composting with earthworms) and answered questions from the tour participants.  Billy is an active member of the Local 4-H.  After the tour was completed, Gaylene’s husband had the goat meat burgers on the grill hot and ready for everyone, complete with baked beans, chips and drinks.

Thank you to Gaylene and her family for giving of their time and for sharing their wonderful farm with all of us.  We really enjoyed it!

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Rain Gardens Class at the Walhalla Library

I enjoyed a very interesting class at the Walhalla Library this week.  The topic was on Rain Gardens and our instructor, Laurie Churchill, gave a very good presentation showing the many ways that we can save and reuse the rain water by piping it from our rooftops to the natural areas on our property where the water runs or by using rain barrels connected to a downspout.

She also provided some handouts with very valuable information.  The links to the sites are listed below:                                                                                  www.scnps.org                                                                                                                      www.raingardens.org

Thank you to Laurie Churchill and all of the Master Gardeners who have been so generous to give of their time and expertise to offer these FREE Gardening Classes at the area Libraries.  We all really appreciate it.

Learning About Herbs & Their Uses

Today I enjoyed a very interesting and informative FREE class at the Library in Pickens.  The topic for today’s class was on Growing and Using Herbs.  Master Gardener, Jo Ann Brewer, gave a wonderful presentation and gave everyone a couple of handouts with some great information.  She also brought a nice assortment of herbs, both dried and fresh, as well as small pots of different herbs from her garden for participants to take home with them.  There was a good turnout.  The libraries in both Pickens and Walhalla are having FREE gardening classes through the month of June.

Prior to going to the class, I picked up 16 clay pots in assorted sizes and 1 really big wooden planter with a plant roller that I won at a local auction.  I got the entire lot for only $23.00 which was a fantastic deal.  They even threw in a cute little birdhouse.

After leaving the class, I couldn’t wait to get home and start transplanting my herbs into the clay pots.  I had them growing in some window boxes but they were starting to get crowded.  Now they will be able to grow and thrive with plenty of room.  After removing the herbs from the flower boxes, I planted some flower bulbs in them.  Can’t wait for them to start coming up.  I was able to get everything planted except for the big wooden planter because I ran out of soil.  One more bag ought to do it.

There is nothing more enjoyable or fulfilling than getting to dig in the dirt and see the results of your labor when the plants start to grow and thrive AND, as an added bonus, getting to smell all of the wonderful fragrances of the various herbs.  Aroma Therapy at it’s best!!!!                   

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Music on the Mountain

We spent a delightful afternoon on Saturday at the Table Rock State Park Lodge listening to old time country, gospel and bluegrass music.  Every 2nd Saturday of the month, local musicians meet to play together and to pass the mike.  People bring covered dishes to share for a donation and the setting of the lodge makes for a perfect background.  The lodge was built in the 30’s and 40’s by the CCC and is located in a beautiful, picturesque setting overlooking Table Rock Mountain and the Lake below.

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SC Botanical Gardens in the Spring

Larry and I spent the afternoon on Good Friday enjoying the beauty of the South Carolina Botanical Gardens located in Clemson.  There were so many varieties of plants in full bloom and the smell of the blossoms permeated throughout the area with light breezes.  It was nice sitting under the arbor covered in beautiful white roses while watching for butterflies and hummingbirds in the butterfly garden area.  Every Friday evening, starting at 6:00 PM, they have FREE concerts in the ampitheater area of the park.  The guest musician was a lovely lady named Gentry Rose.  She sang and played  an accoustic guitar and the music echoed throughout the gardens.

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Gardening for Butterflies Class @ Pickens County Library


Today, I enjoyed a very interesting and informative class on Gardening for Butterflies at the Village Branch Library in Pickens.  John and Carolyn Turner gave a wonderful presentation and everyone received handouts with lots of good information including what plants to use to provide nectar and what plants to use as host plants for the caterpilllars to feed on.  There was also a question and answer session.   We had a very nice turnout of both men and women.  Each month, the libraries in both Pickens and Oconee County hosts free classes such as this.  Give them a call or check out their websites for more information.


Basket Weaving from Recycled Materials

This month we had our monthly meeting at my house in Six Mile.  I taught the ladies how to weave a basket using recycled materials that we usually just throw away, ie newspapers, paper grocery bags, etc.    Special thanks to Barbara T. with the Farmfolks Farmgirls down in North Florida for teaching me how to do this.  Everyone had a good time learning this neat craft and enjoying good conversation.   Some of the girl’s who missed our first farmgirls meeting, when I taught them how to do chicken scratch embroidery, expressed an interest in learning how to do it at a future meeting.    For those who were unable to make tonight’s meeting, we missed you and hope you will be able to join us next month or at a future meeting.

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